In the Press

“Beyond being hilarious, beyond being a wonderful vehicle for

satire, Lupe manages to befriend every single person in the audience.”
Torontoist: Heroes and Villians of 2008

“What really works about the show is D’Agostino (a sharp comic improviser with a background in dance and clown performance), and the way she gamely integrates her audience into the show.”
Eye Weekly: Q & A with Melissa D’Agostino

“D’Agostino is an incredible performer an improviser who has been working on her Lupe character for a while now, and Lupe:Undone is the perfect introduction to the wacky world of this hysterical woman.”
Torontoist: Fringe – Lupe’s Fiasco

“Lupe has dreams of being the next Oprah Winfrey, and I think 2009 might be the year it happens!”
Torontoist: Drama Club – Hello, Gracing the Stage!

” D’Agostino is hysterically funny and sometimes just hysterical as Lupe.”
Now Magazine: 20 Reasons to Fringe

“Melissa D’Agostino is ready for a bigger stage.”
Whatever Magazine: Stage set for funny girl D’Agostino to spread the laughter

“Latina Lupe sported a new hairstyle but hasn’t lost her winning exuberance.”
Now Magazine: Scenes

“Adam Lazarus and Melissa D’Agostino are Artists to Watch in Summerworks 2010.”
Now Magazine: Artists to watch

“Lupe: Undone is a delight.”
The Globe and Mail: Toronto Fringe: Wake, the Fringe new play contest and Lupe: Undone

“Latin Heat featured Melissa D’Agostino as an outrageously funny Spanish spitfire complaining about her tardy theatre-producer lover.”
Now Magazine: Stage Scenes

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