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The Motherfucker with the Hat

Chosen one of the top ten theatre productions in Toronto in 2014 by NOW Magazine, the National Post, and

“The cast vibrates with energy, from the powerful connection between Di Zio and D’Agostino – just watch the shifting rhythms of their first scene, carefully orchestrated.” NOW Magazine ****

“D’Agostino is totally convincing as a sexy but strident Veronica, capturing both the alluring and maddening qualities that drive Jackie crazy.” The Globe and Mail ***

“As Veronica, Melissa D’Agostino is fierce, smoldering, sensually aggressive, and intimidating. If ever there was a character capable of scratching someone’s eyes out, D’Agostino’s Veronica is it.” The Slotkin Letter

Savage in Limbo

“Linda Rotunda is beautifully played by Melissa D’Agostino” The Slotkin Letter

“Bentley’s Denise, the virgin who doesn’t want to be alone, and D’Agostino’s Linda (a far cry from her well-known, spitfire Lupe character), who’s known too many lovers and now is rejected by Tony because he wants to date ugly women, are focused and fierce. Some of the play’s best episodes are the comic but intense confrontations between the pair, especially when they fight over Tony” NOW Toronto ****

“Melissa D’Agostino’s Linda sizzles and sparkles in a leopard skin-printed top” The National Post

Lupe: Undone/ A Very Lupe Xmas

“Beyond being hilarious, beyond being a wonderful vehicle for satire, Lupe manages to befriend every single person in the audience.”
Torontoist: Heroes and Villians of 2008

“What really works about the show is D’Agostino (a sharp comic improviser with a background in dance and clown performance), and the way she gamely integrates her audience into the show.”
Eye Weekly: Q & A with Melissa D’Agostino

“D’Agostino is an incredible performer and improviser who has been working on her Lupe character for a while now, and Lupe:Undone is the perfect introduction to the wacky world of this hysterical woman.”
Torontoist: Fringe – Lupe’s Fiasco

“Lupe has dreams of being the next Oprah Winfrey, and I think 2009 might be the year it happens!”
Torontoist: Drama Club – Hello, Gracing the Stage!

” D’Agostino is hysterically funny and sometimes just hysterical as Lupe.”
Now Magazine: 20 Reasons to Fringe

“Latina Lupe sported a new hairstyle but hasn’t lost her winning exuberance.”
Now Magazine: Scenes

“Adam Lazarus and Melissa D’Agostino are Artists to Watch in Summerworks 2010.”
Now Magazine: Artists to watch

“Lupe: Undone is a delight.”
The Globe and Mail: Toronto Fringe: Wake, the Fringe new play contest and Lupe: Undone

“Latin Heat featured Melissa D’Agostino as an outrageously funny Spanish spitfire complaining about her tardy theatre-producer lover.”
Now Magazine: Stage Scenes

“Melissa D’Agostino is ready for a bigger stage.”
Whatever Magazine: Stage set for funny girl D’Agostino to spread the laughter


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Toronto Premiere of The Motherfucker with the Hat

I could not be more excited to open the Toronto Premiere of The Motherfucker with the Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis tomorrow night!


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